A Sustainable Approach

The Directors of Melrose Construction recognise that the company has the potential to make an impact on its employees, clients, supply chain partners, the local community and the environment. We lead by example.

We conduct our business through values that promote professionalism, integrity, equality, respect, honesty and a safe working environment.

We are committed to minimising the impacts that our company has on the environment in areas such as pollution, noise, vibration, dust, carbon emissions and water use. We are also committed to protecting wildlife and natural features and to keeping our construction sites as clean, safe and quiet as possible.

The homes and buildings we design and construct are built with sustainability in mind. Many schemes incorporate energy and cost saving features such as solar and photovoltaic systems, rainwater harvesters and living sedum roofs. Our schemes also help occupants to enjoy an enhanced quality of life by incorporating features such as safe walking routes, cycle storage and access to public transport.

We will consistently strive to be an exemplar of best practice in our approach to sustainability.

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